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    by Barbara Eruo

    Julia Withers


    Julia guides the vision for Health By Principle’s growth and is the glorified traffic controller for the team. As a certified Scrum Master, she makes sure the work is organized and exceptional, along with keeping the team connected and current. She is passionate about keeping the work aligned with HBP’s values and mission. Julia graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, with a degree in History and Ethnic Studies.

    You're so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit back. Marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. Despite everything, you still grow. Be proud of this.
    Tracy McMillan

    Julia is inspired by HBP’s work to make science easily understood and engaging for everyone. Reliable information backed up by references can be hard to come by in the current world and improving access to trustworthy information is key to better informed and healthier people. She believes we can beat the mental health stigma by encouraging real talk and open conversations. There is strength in vulnerability. Julia lives in Long Beach, California. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach, at the tennis courts, eating out, or cozied up at home with her tiny dog, Mazi.