Migraine and The Workplace

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Migraine is not to be taken lightly. Because of the lack of understanding about migraines, many migraine sufferers must go to work while very ill. Migraines debilitating effects on the migraineur and major stress on workers and employers. When migraineurs call in sick can lead them to be fired; many migraineurs have lost their jobs. There is huge lack of understanding about migraine and how a company may help its migraineur workers.

Working with an ongoing migraine leads to less productivity. Since a typical migraine lasts between three to five days, those days are lost working or productivity days.  

Migraineurs have sensitivity to certain office lights (fluorescent vibrating lights), sounds (deep or very high pitched) and scents (coworkers wearing heavily scented perfumes, building/room fresheners, carpet cleaning chemicals, fresh paint, and many more), all of which can cause nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, lack of comprehension, and a very painful migraine attack for a migraineur. These are not conditions that companies can change to help prevent its migraineurs from triggering migraines.

Understanding migraines to at least a minimal level can help a company create productive employees and reduce the frequency of migraines for its migraineur employees. Replacing sweets and junk is cafeteria food with nuts and healthy choices, providing whole milk in addition to soft drinks and juices can make a migraineur’s day happy and pain free. Migraineurs are extremely sensitive to electrolyte imbalance. Keeping electrolyte in homeostasis is priority #1.

Are you keeping your electrolyte in homeostasis?

Employers should learn more about migraine and accommodate migraineurs. Together they can help each other maximize work and minimize migraines and missed work days.

How do you to cope with your migraine while at work?

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