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by Health By Principle

Supplements That Work for Your Body After Workout


Did you know that our Electrolyte and Magnesium supplements are excellent in supporting and even advancing your active lifestyle?
Electrolytes and WorkoutStarting With Sodium

For thousands of years’ humans have known the benefits of using sodium (in salt-form). Whether as a preservative, antiseptic, or as a supplement to stay hydrated - even in the harshest of conditions. In recent years, it has been discovered that sodium has even-more to offer from Migraine Relief and Prevention to new science that shows the benefits of sodium in supporting and advancing your active lifestyle.  Keeping an electrolyte balance, which includes supplementing sodium, has shown to keep the body hydrated and also boosts endurance during strenuous workout. 


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Put Back What You Lose
The more intense your workout the more you sweat. The more you sweat the more water your body loses along with electrolytes, such as sodium, needed to sustain your workout. Taking an electrolyte supplement prior, or during, your workout can keep your body hydrated, keep you focused, and even prevent injury.  If you do not supplement and refill key electrolytes prior, or during, your workout you may begin to experience several noticeable symptoms: from fatigue, and muscle cramps, to even potentially a life-threatening condition known as hyponatremia - dangerously low blood-sodium levels, which lead to headaches, confusion, seizures, and in extreme cases – even death (1-5). 
Sport Drinks are Full of Sugar!Cut The Sugar Out!

The longer your body stays hydrated, the harder and longer you can work through your exercise routine. The difference between a good workout, a strong finish in a race, or even the winning point, can be due to something as simple as hydration. Just one Health by Principle Electrolyte Capsule can boost hydration, performance, endurance.  So, next time you reach for that sugary sports drink, consider taking a Health by Principle Electrolyte Supplement capsule instead.

Check The Facts

Why add sugar when you can supplement exactly what your body needs? Nothing more, Nothing less!

Taking one Health by Principle Electrolyte Capsule prior to your workout will support Cellular Hydration, boost your performance, endurance, prevent muscle cramps, and hyponatremia (6). 


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