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The Birth of Pseudo-Science

Humans have been using natural remedies to treat ailments for thousands of years.  Many of these remedies have been passed down from generation to generation with little knowledge of what actually causes a particular remedy to work.  In the past, humans relied on remedies to work, on pure faith, with little to no reliable evidence to support efficacy. There was no knowledge of the potential side effects and in many unfortunate circumstances this led to injury and even death.

With the advent of modern science this process of hopeful-elimination, with the potential of death, began to change. Instead of ingesting or applying a potentially dangerous “remedy,” scientists now test remedies scientifically to analyze their effect. They look to single out the enzyme(s) or nutrient(s) that make these remedies work (if they work) in the first place. They can then begin to synthesize these chemicals into a more potent and effective form; this is the basis of modern medicine.  Many miracles of science have come from this process from preventive to sometimes curative processes. 

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In recent years, a steady distrust of science has become almost mainstream. Although mostly unfounded, this distrust has its basis in blunders of misinformation - and in some cases even greed, pride, and prejudice.

However, this is not an excuse to throw every aspect of critical-thinking out the window.  Science and the way scientific information is dispersed today is changing. Information about scientific studies, breakthroughs, and even mistakes, are so readily-available that it can almost be overwhelming to keep up with. Unfortunately, it is also very easy to be distracted by ridiculous, almost comical, pseudo-scientific claims, which thrive in an overly-informative world.

What makes pseudo-science, “natural remedies,” and cure-alls, so appealing over good scientific products? Products of pseudo-science are marketed to emotions and tell fantastic stories of success with little to no backing (lacking credible sources of evidence). On the other hand, science-backed products marketed honestly may not be as attractive (no tricks and immediate results), and rely on real testimonials and studies, “booooring.”

The Many Quackeries of Migraine Relief

When we talk about the pseudo-scientific remedies to treat migraines, we open Pandora’s box on how ridiculous things can get when good science is disregarded. We now know that Migraines are genetic and are caused by electrical abnormalities at the cellular level. These electrical signals can be balanced by achieving a special Electrolyte Homeostasis that migraineurs need and which is different from those without migraines.

You Really Think Spices Can Relieve Your Migraine?

There are several ways to achieve cellular homeostasis but rubbing black pepper or cayenne pepper on your body is not among them! The only good thing about applying spices, herbs, extracts, and essential oils on your body is you may smell good…may cause harm by chemical burns on your body and if ingested, essential oils can be fatal. On top of it, these strong odors may trigger a migraine too rather than prevent one! Spices are great to sprinkle on food, in moderation, and should be used only for that purpose.

Comparison of Migraine Relief Products and Methods
The above picture shows a comparison of [prescription, OTC, and pseudo-scientific remedies vs. the Health by Principle supplement line. Note: though, some prescription, and OTC pain killers, may lessen migraine symptoms, the side effects caused by these painkillers tend to outweigh the benefits of temporary symptom relief.

Herbs, Extracts, and Essential Oils… Nothing Essential in Them!

Herbs, extracts, and essential oils, in terms of remedies, are not based on scientific evidence for treating or preventing migraines.  To make things worse, many herbs, extracts, and oils can be harmful to ingest and should be avoided at all costs. And if you are a migraineur, these may trigger a migraine rather than relieve or prevent one.

The “Other” Science

From Acupuncture, to Detoxing, to a very painful method of piercing the ear called “Daith Ear Piercing,” these alternative methods are rooted in ancient traditions, modern fads, and horrible pseudo-scientific belief. They are often painful and can be dangerous to your health. We all have been given a functioning liver and kidneys (hopefully) which work day-and-night to constantly detox your body.  Drinking a juice filled with mushed-up vegetables (sugar-water) and spices will do nothing when it comes to detoxing your body (may actually cause more toxin). So, what is detoxing good for?  Glad, you asked… Detoxing is great for giving you a sugar-high, while starving your body of key nutrients, and will give you the runs and over time perhaps even diabetes!  Not sure how this is a Migraine Cure – if anything, it sounds like a nightmare.

Before purchasing your next Migraine Relief Product, be sure to look for sources backing any claims made by the manufacturer.  Always study the ingredients and be sure you want these ingredients in or on your body. Trust in the science that makes good products and trust in the products backed by good science.

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