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    by Health By Principle

    Pre-Migraine Signs Explained


    All migraineurs experience prodromes before a migraine hits—ranging from nausea and vomiting to diarrhea and anxiety. One reason is that migraineurs have increased sensitivities to external stimuli that disrupt their body’s biochemical balance. Migraines are caused by this biochemical imbalance, which explains why these physical signs are often the precursors to migraines.

    Migraineurs have a general hypersensitivity to smells, sounds, and light. Migraineurs can often pick up sounds and smells that non-migraineurs can’t. This is a leftover of the evolutionary fight or flight response advantage, which allows for fast escape from danger by releasing adrenaline for quick action. These heightened sensitivities require more voltage energy to process in the brain, causing a biochemical imbalance under certain circumstances.

    Once the brain’s voltage energy has been depleted from the sensory overload, the brain can’t override the strength of sounds, light, or odors, as it normally would. This creates stress. Adrenaline is released, which stops all non-vital organ functions, like digestion, in order to send energy to the muscles for a fast escape by initiating a flight or fight response. The hormonal release and the anxiety that is the result of the fight-or-flight stress upsets the biochemical balance in the brain. The nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea migraineurs experience before a migraine leads to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. If electrolytes and water (hydration) are not replenished, a migraine follows these prodromes.

    How can you prevent prodromes and the migraine that follows?

    Provide your brain with the nourishment and energy it needs to deal with the external stimuli. Take an electrolyte and two magnesium supplements with a glass of water twice a day to prevent prodromes and migraines. 

    Migraineurs have a stronger adrenaline response than non-migraineurs do as a result of the evolutionary benefits of their fast fight or flight response that was often required for quick escape from danger, a trait that the migraine-brain still holds as a genetic advantage. This is why migraineurs’ brains typically burn more voltage energy. Since the imbalance of electrolytes cause migraines, it follows that if migraineurs provide their brains with extra electrolytes, they can avoid migraines.

    Maintaining that biochemical balance, also known as Electrolyte Homeostasis, is what prevents migraines. Electrolyte Homeostasis is achieved with proper cell hydration. While water is what we all think of when we hear “hydration,” water needs electrolytes in order to be properly absorbed by the body. This is why electrolyte and magnesium supplements—in addition to drinking water—are key to proper hydration at all times. Read more about how proper hydration helps to avoid migraines.

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