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by Health By Principle

The Differences Among Us: Special Abilities


The migraine brain is quite different from those that don’t suffer from migraines. All migraineurs have special abilities courtesy of their enhanced senses. This can be seen in many migraineurs when it comes to their sense of smell, vision, hearing, and taste.

Research shows that some medical treatments for migraines decrease the sensitivity of the migraine brain. As a result, migraineurs using medications are not typically able to experience the full extent of their heightened sensitivities.

While most discussion about migraines revolves around pain, the advantages of the migraine brain often go unacknowledged. Migraine brains have a variety of unique sensory abilities, which can go as far as having better eyesight in the dark and toxin-sensing taste buds. Check out the abilities below—do any of them sound familiar?


Migraineurs have highly perceptive senses—they can smell things others can’t.

  • Increased sense of smell and ability to smell far-away things
  • Inability to tolerate strong smells
  • Ability to smell spoiled food (when to others, the food smells good). This really comes in handy to avoid getting food poisoning or an upset stomach from food and drinks that have gone bad.


Many migraineurs have increased sound sensitivity, which can come in different forms.

  • Ability to hear very far-away sounds
  • Ability to pick up quiet sounds
  • Sensing vibrations as sound without hearing the sound itself. Many migraineurs can feel a vibration in their ear drums without hearing actual sounds. They can pick up on the sound waves, even if the sound itself is too faint to hear!
  • Perfect pitch, also known as absolute pitch, is a rare auditory phenomenon in which a person can identify or recreate any given musical note without needing a reference tone. A person with perfect pitch can determine when music is precisely in tune.
    • Most people who have perfect pitch can also:
      • Identify individual pitches by name when they are played on any instrument
      • Name the key of any piece of music
      • Remember and reproduce an exact piece of music in the right key, even days after hearing it
      • Name every tone of any chord
      • Accurately sing any given pitch
      • Distinguish between the pitches of common sounds like alarms, car horns, and ringtones, and hear them from miles away!


  • Extreme peripheral vision
    • Migraineurs can sense movement in their extreme peripheral view more acutely than the average person.
  • Better sight in the dark than most people
  • Migraineurs have pupils that do not close as tightly as the pupils of non-migraineurs.
  • Migraineurs don’t see things as bright under normal circumstances. Light can become bright when migraineurs get out of Electrolyte Homeostasis.


  • Bitter-sensing taste buds
    • Lots of vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cilantro, Brussel’s Sprouts, and more) have chemicals that can be toxic and taste bitter. Many migraineurs are super-tasters, meaning they can sense these chemicals in food and want to avoid the taste. It is an evolutionary advantage to keep the body toxin-free!


Remember—even though migraines may cause you pain, there is a whole different side of having a migraine-brain that gives you extra senses and abilities, ranging from an exceptional musical ear to sensing spoiled food before others can. Migraine-brains are exceptional in many ways even though they are rarely acknowledged for it. Did we miss any special abilities? Let us know in the comments!

If you learn to prevent your migraines without medication, then you can experience the full extent of your heightened senses without anything dulling your sensitivities and without feeling any pain. To take advantage of your special abilities as a migraineur, use these supplements for migraine relief and prevention. You’ll feel sharper all around!


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