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The Ketogenic Diet


Throughout our lifetime we come across various diet fads: the seafood diet, low fat diet, low carbs diet, paleo diet, protein diet, juicing, banana diet... the list goes on. We are constantly trying to find food groups that will provide us with nutrition while also helping us keep our weight as is or lose a few pounds. Sometimes these diets can harm us more than they can do us any good. We should always feed our body with whole nutrition that will provide our brain and body the energy to get through a day’s work and fun.

A diet that has been gaining more attention is the Ketogenic diet. While it has been around for a long time, interest in this lifestyle have more than tripled recently! More people are jumping on the ketogenic diet bandwagon than on any other diet before.

What is a ketogenic diet?

It is a version of the low-carb and high-fat (LCHF) diet in which you eliminate all grains, all sugars, all starches and fruits and only consume very limited carbohydrates and protein. Increasing fat and reducing cabs and protein significantly puts your metabolic state into ketosis—fat burning instead of glucose burning. Ketosis or ketones are naturally produced molecules created by the liver. Using ketones for fuel instead of glucose, your body is burning your fat as energy. The weight loss can be huge without hunger and full satiety.

People following this diet are burning fat all the time, even in their sleep so major exercise is not required! However, the ketogenic diet is also great for endurance athletes—many Marathon runners and some of your favorite tennis player are on this diet. 

There are different versions of the ketogenic diet based on the “depth” of ketosis for different lifestyles. Ketogenic diets have been linked to improving many health conditions, including cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, migraine, seizures, and experiments are ongoing now for autism and other conditions as well. The ketogenic diet may cure some of your illnesses as well. It is also able to generate new cells (stem cells) and fresh mitochondria without damaged DNA so if you have been floxed, it is a particularly great option.

Find out more about the ketogenic diet here.


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