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What is Health by Principle?
Health by Principle was founded in 2017 with the intention to produce a natural, non-medicinal, Migraine Relief and Prevention Aid. Located in sunny Orange County California, we take pride in our science-backed products, ingredients you can trust, and the quality of our American-made supplements. Our mission is to create science-driven products that put effectiveness and quality ingredients above all. Our supplements are engineered to have high bioavailability for optimal absorption right into the cells that need them.

Our consultant scientist, Angela A Stanton, PhD, is a migraineur herself and found a real solution to migraines through her independent research. Once she discovered a medicine-free way to prevent migraines, her son Daniel Stanton wanted to make the migraine preventive readily available to migraine sufferers around the world. He founded Health by Principle, and ever since, Angela’s expertise has guided the creation of all Health by Principle products.

Why buy Health by Principle supplements?
In early 2017, we released the Migraine Relief line of products. Our products are designed specifically in accordance with the Stanton Migraine Protocol. Until then, no product in the marketplace has followed this proven and effective protocol. It is our mission to provide all migraine sufferers a safe, natural product backed by the science of this protocol. Instead of powdery mix (which would require fillers and flavoring agents), the easy-to-swallow capsule was created containing only the most essential, natural ingredients.
What is the Stanton Migraine Protocol?

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