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There are many things you can do to understand and prevent migraines.

Keep track of what you’re eating

We are what we eat. We aren't doing ourselves any favors if we consume food with no nutritional value. In the long run we will feel the effects of consuming junk, sugar, or sugar substitutes.

A large review conducted by American and Chinese researchers included 8,601 studies. Findings show that high consumption of added sugar is associated with markedly "higher risks of 45 negative health outcomes, including diabetes, gout, obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, asthma, tooth decay, depression and early death," CNN reported, citing the review published in The BMJ.

We also know that sugar is a major contributor to migraine. So, be mindful of your sugar intake.

The migraine brain is more complex, meaning that it has more brain cell receptor connections. This means that you have an increased sensitivity to scents, light, sounds, touch and taste. Your brain is working a lot more than a regular non-migraine brain, so you need to feed it extra energy! Sugar robs the brain from voltage energy because it disrupts electrolyte homeostasis. The food that you consume should maintain electrolyte homeostasis.

What is electrolyte homeostasis? Electrolyte is the fluid found all through your body and the brain. Homeostasis is keeping sodium chloride (salt), potassium, magnesium ATPase, calcium and water in equilibrium.

Keeping track of what you eat is very important because whatever you eat can throw your body out of Electrolyte Homeostasis.

How do you keep track of what you’re eating? There are many ways to keep track. Keep a food diary. With a food diary, you can track what you eat and notice trends in how your body reacts to the food you’re eating.

Not all migraines are the same and everyone has different experiences. Keeping a journal allows you to keep track of your migraine triggers and understand what causes your migraines. This is why we offer the HBP Migraine Journal!

Preventing migraines is possible but it requires a lifestyle change. It is not easy and it is for life.


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