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Migraine and Postdrome

If you are suffering from migraine pain, it is present in only one side of the head.

You may be suffering from a migraine if:

  • - The pain does not move
  • - It is not a throbbing pain but a dull extreme pain for the scale 1-10
  • - Fainting from pain is not uncommon
  • - Pain can last from 4 hours to 5 days (usually last 3 days at the same intensity)

Postdrome Symptoms

  • - Can’t remember words
  • - Can’t remember what happened the past few days of pain
  • - Cannot recollect any event, conversation, food eaten
  • - Cannot comprehend—everything has to be repeated several times
  • - Cannot read
  • - Totally exhausted
  • - Feel beat up
  • - May even have muscle ache, shoulder ache, or back ache

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