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Excellent magnesium supplement. It's easy on the stomach, and my energy level seems to be back to normal since adding this supplement. I like that it has four of the best magnesium types in it. Good stuff!

- Michelle Price

I had been taking pressed salt pills when I first began the Stanton Migraine Protocol, but at least half the time my tummy rejected them. Your product is well accepted by my finicky belly! I am expanding adherence to Protocol, and adding your Magnesium Supplements. I'm seeing more migraine free hours and I LOVE IT! Thank you!

- Jan

The electrolyte supplement is so easy to take!!! Its nice knowing that my body is balanced and my migranes are under control!

- Shawn Falk

I take the electrolyte supplement and I can't say enough how convenient it is to have your bottle with you at all times. I've been able to control my migraines by keeping my electrolytes balanced. I can't remember the last time I've had a migraine. I highly recommend this product.

- Sharon Hollingsworth

I have tried others, and really like this! I take it to reduce (stop?) migraines, and I think it makes a big difference.

- Carol Albanese

I haven’t been getting migraines, since I stopped eating some foods and started eating foods that were listed on the "Top Foods to Prevent or Lessen Migraines" article. Super helpful! So, thank you for that :)

- Mariana Castellanos

I bought this supplement for myself as well as my son, as we are both migraineurs. Staying hydrated and keeping your electrolytes balanced is very important (per the Stanton Migraine Protocol.) I love how convenient these are to take with me while traveling or exercising. I highly recommend this supplement if you have migraines!

- Phoebe Williams


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