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Understanding your Brain

Our brain only takes up a small part of our body, but it is so powerful and responsible for the actions of all our bodily functions.

The Human Brain contains 85 billion neural cells and 150 trillion synapses!

Neurons are responsible for processing and transmitting information. Synapses are the connections that allow all this information to be transferred.

Our brain never stops working.

Even when we are asleep, our brain is sending neural signals to all parts of our body. It is telling our respiratory system to keep breathing and our circulatory to keep pumping blood through our body. Our circulatory system is actually in charge of transporting all the nutrients, metabolic wastes, water and salts through our system.

When we are awake, our brain is responsible for everything from waking us up and moving us around to getting us out of harm’s way. All these connections are subconsciously telling our body to reach out our hand to reply to that email, or telling us to munch on our food. It is fascinating how our brain is in charge of commanding every part of our body and we don’t even think about it. Our thinking signals occur at 265.909 miles per hour!


Our brain is absorbing 20% of the nutrients we eat.

The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy while only taking up 2% of the body in size!

What are you feeding your body? Is it nutritious to your brain and will it benefit your brain?

We don’t think about the full-time job the brain does, but we should. We need to understand the importance of our brain and that it can affect us both in positive and negative ways. For those who suffer from migraines, their brains are even more complex than the regular brain. That also means that it is working many times harder, so we need to pay attention to what we eat to be sure we meet the energy needs of our brain. We need to keep electrolytes in homeostasis to make sure that our brain and body work in harmony and have the best energy balance.


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