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Fighting the Migraine Epidemic
Fighting the Migraine Epidemic
Fighting the Migraine Epidemic

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic

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Fighting the Migraine Epidemic 2nd Edition 

This book is an updated and extended version of the 1st edition “Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: How to Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicines. An Insider’s View.” This book is a complete guide.

Unlike most current research, this book investigates the cause, not just the symptoms, of migraine. Migraines are a genetic condition and in order to have migraine, one must have a “migraine-brain,” which is anatomically distinct from the brain of non-migraineurs. “Migraine-brains” have heightened sensitivities that put the brain into overdrive and release extra adrenaline, leading to biochemical imbalances in the body. Once these imbalances are neutralized, neuron health is restored and migraines can be prevented. Dr. Stanton suggests ways that migraineurs can consume food and drinks to create and maintain the biochemical balance for healthy neurons and migraine prevention.

Migraineurs will naturally reduce the medicines they take as they follow Dr. Stanton’s protocol and become migraine-free. At the time of writing this book, over 4,000 migraineurs have become migraine and medicine-free using the methods described in this book.

It includes a section for quick emergency treatment for an ongoing migraine and sections with thorough explanations of what migraine is and what is required to prevent it. The book concludes with a part for scientists and doctors with lots of academic citations.

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