Christine Morse

Christine is a life coach and mental health advocate. As a suicide widow, she supports people going through similar experiences with depression and anxiety. She likes to use meditation, yoga and alternative medicine to help balance her mind, moods and soul. Her family, the ocean and travel make her happy, and she looks at life in a positive way, through humor and laughter. Christine conducts social media outreach for our company. Her unique knowledge and perspective guide our work at Health By Principle to become more accessible.

Just keep swimming.
Finding Nemo
Parenting and Depression

It's morning. The kids are awake. The house is alive again, but you are not. You didn't sleep. Your body aches. Your head hurts. Your ...

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Depression and Grief

One day, the world looked different. The person you love is no longer here. What are you supposed to do now?

Everything around y...

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Holiday Depression
The day is getting shorter. The temperature is dropping. The holidays are approaching. "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" ...
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Married to Depression
Anyone who's married knows that relationships take work. But when one person is affected by depression, they often lose the ability...
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