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by Health By Principle

Electrolytes' Impact on Hangovers


The dreaded hangover: The awful feeling of waking up the morning after having too many drinks. The headache, the nausea, the fatigue, the stomach problems; we have all been there!  This phenomenon is all too common in our work-hard play-harder society.  While you fight through your hangover, as you read this blog, scientists are still struggling to pinpoint the exact causes and triggers of your hangover. However, with so many “so-called” miracle cures available online, are there any that work?


Is there a miracle cure to a hangover?

There is no one proven cure to a hangover. Still, there are plenty of remedies available that may help soften the blow of the symptoms experienced.  We picked the safest and most logical remedies from the hundreds that can be found online.  These practical remedies, in some cases, have been used for millennia, are used for treating the symptoms of a hangovers:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Hydrate extra
  • Eat salty foods
  • Eat fatty foods
  • Eat pickled foods
  • Consume electrolytes

The best remedies share a common base

When you eat salty, fatty, or pickled foods, you are also consuming a lot of sodium. Sodium has been given a bad name over the past 50 years of mainstream society. Treated as the villain (along with fats – see more on the truth about fats here) of essential nutrients.  Sodium’s bad rap is due to years of skewed science and misinformation – much of which can be found online and social media. However, there is a wave of change happening in the scientific world when it comes to sodium consumption:

Sodium + Hydration = Relief for Ailments

Hydration and the consumption of key electrolytes, such as sodium, have been shown in scientific studies to be a fantastic method in relieving a plethora of ailments and symptoms due to diseases ranging from: Headaches and Migraines to Fibromyalgia.

Have a hangover? Pass the salt!

Going out to have a couple of drinks? Take a Health by Principle Electrolyte Capsule prior to your night out with a full glass of water. Our supplements will not prevent the effects of alcohol on your body but can give your body a fighting chance to recover the hydration you've lost.    

Wake up with a hangover? Take a Health by Principle Electrolyte capsule with a full glass of water.  Again, this is not a cure for your hangover, however, hydration and electrolyte homeostasis are key findings in preventing and relieving of the symptoms of hangovers, migraines, headaches, and many other ailments.

Note: Health by Principle does not endorse the consumption of alcohol.  Our supplements will not prevent the symptoms of alcohol consumption or overconsumption.  If you choose to drink please drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Before your next night out!

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