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by Julia Withers

The Migraine Prevention Process: What to Expect


If you’re a migraineur and have decided to start making lifestyle changes to prevent your migraines without medicines, your brain’s recovery will take time. Carefully monitoring your diet and maintaining proper cell hydration, or Electrolyte Homeostasis, takes attention, time, and self-control. You’ll be doing your best and you likely won’t see full results right away.

The longer you’ve had migraines, the longer your recovery will take. If you’ve just started experiencing migraines, you could be preventing migraines within a few weeks with rigorous maintenance of Electrolyte Homeostasis. If you are a longtime migraineur, keeping Electrolyte in Homeostasis will not immediately prevent migraines, because of the damage medicines and migraines have caused. If, for example, you’ve been suffering from migraines for more than twenty years, the recovery period—with a daily commitment to maintaining Electrolyte Homeostasis—could take a long time, from six months to over a year. It must also be stated that since migraine is a genetic health condition that is permanent, there is no “cure,” only ongoing prevention.

When you begin migraine prevention, you’ll be providing your body with the electrolyte it has been missing, and at first, your body needs to adjust to be able to use it. In the first few weeks, at the beginning, you will experience migraines in a muted way, reduced both in pain magnitude and length of time. Your brain cells are healing and need to adjust to the permanence of Electrolyte Homeostasis. Migraines will be on and off and they’ll slowly get less intense each time. These muted migraines should not be treated with medication—you may end up with medication rebound migraines from them.

At about the first month mark, with a meticulous regimen of maintaining Electrolyte Homeostasis through diet, supplements, and hydration, you will experience a noticeable improvement. You might have some days where you still get migraines and you might also experience “brain fog,” but these will slowly vanish over time.

The hydration schedule used for migraine prevention will vary for each person, so it will take some experimenting to get it right. Find a water intake calculator online to figure out how much water you need every day. Make that your goal and set a timer to drink a portion of that goal every hour or couple of hours, so that throughout the day you finish your needed water. Water toxicity is a serious problem, so don’t drink your entire day’s goal of water in a couple minutes—it’s essential to space out your hydration. It is recommended to also take an electrolyte supplement frequently with your water to be sure the water is absorbed properly throughout the day.

Read more about why sodium is needed for water absorption.

Stay with it, and with time, discipline, and dedication, you will become migraine-free without medicines.

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