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An older woman smiles happily and confidently into the camera, her jacket collar pulled up.

The Path to Graceful Aging: Unveiling the 5 Essential Keys for People over 50

Aging can be a graceful and positive process. Implement these five keys, and learn how to age gracefully past the age of 50.  


by Kristina De La Torre on June 06, 2023  in aginggetting oldergraceful agingHBPhealthhealth by principlehealthyRachel Welchwellness
A pleasant older lady holds a glass of water and prepares to take her medications.

How Aging Affects Your Response to Medications

Aging Affects Your Response to Medications: Aging alters the absorption rates and excretion processes of medications from the body in very specific ways. This also means that older people can suffer more drug interactions. There are steps you can take to better understand your medications and protect yourself.



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