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Maintaining Your Mental Health While Working Remotely

Maintaining Your Mental Health While Working Remotely

With the modern trends in the workforce, remote work has become a popular option among employees. Using this flexible work arrangement, people are better able to control their work schedule and balance it with their life responsibilities. But, how do you properly utilize remote work? And what effect does remote work have on your mental health? Read on to learn some tips on how to effectively work remotely.

A professional woman in a white buttoned shirt has a laptop in front of her, has removed her glasses, closed her eyes and is pinching the bridge of her nose, clearly showing signs of pain from a migraine.

Migraines: Push Through the Work Day or Go Home?

38 million people who suffer migraines in America are often faced with the same question: do I attempt to push through or do I go home? One recent study found that 64% of migraines took place during the workday, while migraineurs took different paths with regard to work and migraine.



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