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A woman in her 30s with long dark hair and wearing a blue shirt looks panicked and is holding her hand over her chest, like she is experiencing a panic attack.

Your Body on Anxiety

Over 30% of Americans will experience anxiety at some point. But what is actually happening to your body when you have an anxiety attack? A complex chain reaction of hormones and neurotransmitters is initiated and impacts everything from your blood sugar to your digestion. Learn all about the symptoms and what is happening within your body.
A red sad face on the far left, a yellow impartial face in the middle and a green happy face on the right on a sky blue background

How Negative Emotions Influence Relationships

Recent research shows that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative and we have difficulty trusting people if we are trying to navigate negative emotions, even if they are unrelated to the person we are trying to get to know. Neural pathways are partly responsible, but we can push back with introspection and proper communication.
A woman observes a stunning, pastel sunrise with her back to the camera. Her arms are extended overhead and she is giving two thumbs up, suggesting she is joyful.

Emotional Resilience, Part 1: What is It?

Emotional resilience is a powerful thing and necessary for navigating life, but what is it, really? How can someone cultivate it? New research suggests that resilience is a combination of genetic, psychological, biological, social, and spiritual influences. While some of these factors are beyond our control, others, thankfully, can be improved.
A group of young women joyfully drink coffee and laugh hard.

Laughing More Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Keep the people who make you laugh and feel joyful close--they are actually good for your health. Laugher has myriad benefits and can even help reduce pain! We take a dive into gelotology (the study of laughter) to understand how laughter can improve quality of life AND longevity. 
Gratitude Makes Your Life Better, and Here’s Why

Gratitude Makes Your Life Better, and Here’s Why

As someone who is very interested in the way that...
A group of young people are lined up against a wall, not interacting with each other, but rather looking at their phones.

Why “Fear of Missing Out” Has Become a Real Thing

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) seems simple on the surface, but it is actually a multidimensional and complex psycho-social phenomenon linked to our desire for interpersonal attachments and belonging.



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