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The Body and Dehydration: Symptoms and Solutions

The Body and Dehydration: Symptoms and Solutions

Our bodies are mostly water, and need consistent hydration to be at their best! What are the signs of dehydration and how do we avoid it? 
Electrolyte Supplements 101: Staying Hydrated

Electrolyte Supplements 101: Staying Hydrated

Hydration and electrolytes go hand in hand. You need electrolytes to regulate nerve and muscle function and properly hydrate your body.

A young woman who has a towel around her neck and appears to have been exercising holds a bottle of water up to her lips.

When Are The Best Times To Drink Water?

When are the best times to drink water? 1: First thing in the morning. You haven't had any hydration from sleeping. 2. Before you eat. Is your hunger mostly thirst? Sometimes it's hard for your brain to tell. 3: In between meals 4: Before and after exercise. (It just makes sense.) 5: When you're tired. Maybe that go-to cup of coffee should actually be water. 6: Two hours before you sleep. Hydrate your body, but also try to avoid the half-asleep stumble to the bathroom.



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