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Electrolytes' Impact on Hangovers

Electrolytes' Impact on Hangovers

Have you ever considered that the best hangover remedies have one thing in common? Sodium.  Learn how electrolytes can help you get your body back on track after a hangover.
by Health By Principle on August 15, 2017  in electrolyte homeostasisElectrolytesfoodHangoverHangoverRemedyinformativemythsscienceSodiumSupplements
Migraine Relief, Pseudo-Science vs Real-Science-Backed Products

True Migraine Relief Science

We now know that Migraines are genetic and are caused by electrical abnormalities at the cellular level. These electrical signals can be balanced by achieving a special Electrolyte Homeostasis that migraineurs need and which is different from those without migraines.
by Health By Principle on May 25, 2017  in ElectrolytesenduranceExerciseinformativelifestylemigrainemythsscienceSodiumSupplementsWorkout



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