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Types of Migraines and How to Treat Them

Types of Migraines and How to Treat Them

Migraines impact many people all over the world. There are different types of migraines, and luckily several accessible ways to treat them.
A professional woman in a white buttoned shirt has a laptop in front of her, has removed her glasses, closed her eyes and is pinching the bridge of her nose, clearly showing signs of pain from a migraine.

Migraines: Push Through the Work Day or Go Home?

38 million people who suffer migraines in America are often faced with the same question: do I attempt to push through or do I go home? One recent study found that 64% of migraines took place during the workday, while migraineurs took different paths with regard to work and migraine.
a bunch of sugar on a wooden table, a lit and smoking cigarette has been etched into the sugar.

Has Sugar Become the Next Smoking?

The harms of sugar are being noticed around the world, with the UK even taxing sugary drinks and proposing shifts in packaging for sugary products. Has Sugar Become the Next Smoking?
a woman writes into her migraine journal with a pen.

Do You Keep a Migraine Diary?

There are a number of different factors that can help prompt a migraine. Keeping track of your diet, water and salt consumption, and even sleep can help you gain some understanding of your migraines. Do you keep a migraine journal? Because you really should.
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How to Avoid Migraines While You Travel

How to Avoid Migraines While You Travel

Traveling is often a trigger for migraineurs because the temperature and pressure changes disrupt the body’s biochemical balance—what we call Electrolyte Homeostasis. Migraine sufferers’ brains are more sensitive to environmental changes than the brain of a non-migraineur, and react differently to the shifts in temperature and pressure that are common when traveling.



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