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Get Grounded

Get Grounded

Getting grounded no longer has to mean you’re in trouble. It may mean that your health is better than ever! 
Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Depression?

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Depression?

If you are deficient in crucial vitamins, you may be increasing your risk of developing depression, according to recent studies. Multiple health problems, including depression, can surface without the right amount of essential vitamins.  
Proper Nutrition for Fantastic Fitness

Proper Nutrition for Fantastic Fitness

Physical and mental fitness come directly from proper nutrition. Let's talk about how nutrition can help us reach our unique fitness goals!

A red sad face on the far left, a yellow impartial face in the middle and a green happy face on the right on a sky blue background

How Negative Emotions Influence Relationships

Recent research shows that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative and we have difficulty trusting people if we are trying to navigate negative emotions, even if they are unrelated to the person we are trying to get to know. Neural pathways are partly responsible, but we can push back with introspection and proper communication.
Emotional Resilience, Part 2: Tips on How to Build It

Emotional Resilience, Part 2: Tips on How to Build It

Emotional resilience is something that you can build upon throughout the course of your life. Integrate these helpful tips into your routine and you may begin to notice some positive changes in your life.
a graphic showing a woman in a blue shirt pointing to a spot on an enlarged brain that has lightning strike symbols  above it.

The Emotional First Aid Kit: What’s in Yours?

The peaks and valleys of life are impossible to predict, so it's important to plan accordingly. Prepare an emotional first aid kit to help you navigate the challenges of life in a healthy way. Fill the kit with things that bring you joy, remind you of what matters to you, and provide you some kind of grounding or comfort.



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