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How to advocate for your migraineur child in school

How to advocate for your migraineur child in school

Migraines don’t only affect adults; they also affect children. Implement these tips to support your school-aged, migraineur child. 
5 Daily Activities That Boost Happiness

5 Daily Activities That Boost Happiness

These five disarmingly simple activities are proven to bring more joy to your life.
A group of young women joyfully drink coffee and laugh hard.

Laughing More Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Keep the people who make you laugh and feel joyful close--they are actually good for your health. Laugher has myriad benefits and can even help reduce pain! We take a dive into gelotology (the study of laughter) to understand how laughter can improve quality of life AND longevity. 
A young woman who has a towel around her neck and appears to have been exercising holds a bottle of water up to her lips.

When Are The Best Times To Drink Water?

When are the best times to drink water? 1: First thing in the morning. You haven't had any hydration from sleeping. 2. Before you eat. Is your hunger mostly thirst? Sometimes it's hard for your brain to tell. 3: In between meals 4: Before and after exercise. (It just makes sense.) 5: When you're tired. Maybe that go-to cup of coffee should actually be water. 6: Two hours before you sleep. Hydrate your body, but also try to avoid the half-asleep stumble to the bathroom.
A graphic titled Gut Flora that shows photos of the digestive system intermingled with various foods and vegetables.

Food for Thought: Making Sense of the Two Brains

It seems like something from a science fiction novel, but it's not: the human body has a "second brain" composed of two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells that run from the esophagus to the tail end of the body. It is a technical network that works independently of the brain and controls its own reflexes and senses. Information and signals are passed through the complex network of neurons to coordinate efforts and move food through the digestive system.
Gratitude Makes Your Life Better, and Here’s Why

Gratitude Makes Your Life Better, and Here’s Why

As someone who is very interested in the way that...



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