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What are the Benefits of Dietary Supplements?

What are the Benefits of Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are more popular than ever. What are the benefits of taking a supplement and how can you begin using them? 

Magnesium Supplements 101

Magnesium Supplements 101

Magnesium is an important micronutrient that many parts of your body – including your nervous system, your muscles, your heart, your bones and immune system – need in order to function properly. There are many benefits of magnesium an it is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. The adult human body contains about 25 grams, with about half stored in the bones, while the rest can be found in soft tissues, bodily fluids and muscles. Based on age and gender, the recommended daily intake for adults fluctuates between 310 and 420 mg; however, most adults in the US do not meet that target through their diet. And selecting a supplement is no easy task, as a bewildering number of products can be found on the market. 



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